David-Roughan-with-clientsNorthlaw has many satisfied clients.

Here is what a few have to say of David the man as well as the lawyer:

Being an international investor, and looking at property opportunities in New Zealand for the first time, I was seeking a lawyer knowledgeable in the local laws and regulations of purchasing property. 

I found reports of all of this and more on Northlaw’s website and was instantly drawn to David Roughan’s obvious experience and expertise. 

Through his dedication and thoroughness, he advised against purchases that could develop into potential lengthy legal issues and costs in the future.  He also offered selfless practical advice and gave me an overview of likely costs of prospective projects , and whether he thought it practical to proceed, leaving the final decision to me whether to continue with further investigations.

David saved me large financial outlays. I feel he saved me from getting into a huge costly headache. He is a true professional and I would certainly recommend his services to others.

Kate Lone
Registered Nurse
New South Wales, Australia

I first met David Roughan in 1980, when I purchased my first home.

At that time I was a student at the local Polytechnic and David was providing unpaid tutoring. I thought “here is a good guy with integrity”, and this opinion of David has never changed.

David has given me legal advice and assistance on matters like purchasing and selling property, Accident Compensation, wills, boundary issues and some family domestic disputes.

He always just cuts to the heart of the matter and, in a no fuss way, advises the best approach. My latest house purchase involved a private sale. David advised me on the negotiations and the purchase was extremely straightforward with no hassles.

It is refreshing to be able to phone up and to have David directly answer the phone. The staff at Northlaw are extremely friendly and professional.

I recommend this team to anyone with a legal problem.

Carol Ross

I can be a bit sceptical when I see professional service organisations using slogans.

But if ever there was cause for a lawyer to be called “lawyer for generations” then it would definitively apply to David Roughan.

David has acted for the family for years. He provided great support to my parents over many years. I recall my father mentioning how David looked after their affairs with great diligence. After my father’s death in 1995, and with David’s understanding that they were a generation where the wife often had little involvement in financial or legal matters, he ensured that my mother was spared much of the anxiety of having to handle all those new things in her life.

When it comes to families not everything you would want to happen always does. In 2003 an unscrupulous action on the part of another family member resulted in my mother being hoodwinked into taking her legal affairs to another law firm. This conduct was due to the person realising that he would not get the documentation that he required signed by my mother while David was managing her affairs.

My own experience of David’s work really started in 2010 when my mother needed Enduring Powers of Attorney to be done. By chance, I learned that David was still practising law. David graciously accepted our sincere apology for what had happened and took my mother back; he also became my wife’s and my lawyer. David’s endless work, and with a group of wonderful people, ensured that my father’s wishes to care for my mother were met. He guided us through the most difficult time of our lives, he helped us unravel years of deliberate deceptions, lies and subterfuge, he advised us, kept us informed at all times, he listened to us and he allowed us to be involved in the process of undoing so many wrongs that had been done to Mum and to us. Without David, we would still be hitting a brick wall.

When she recently passed away, David honoured us by being a pall bearer at her funeral. I thanked David at the Vigil, and said that he had been the Rock of Gibraltar in protecting my mother.

David is now firmly ensconced as our lawyer. He has simply demonstrated throughout that he cares deeply about his responsibilities as a trusted advisor. He is not only a great lawyer. He is something far more; an extremely decent man with strong ethics, worthy of esteem. We are proud to be able to count him also as a friend. We have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone who wants a lawyer who goes into bat for them with efficiency and displays real human care and compassion.

Patrick (Marine Engineer) and Claude Sloane
Western Australia. 6255

After the untimely death of my life and business partner, I was at my most vulnerable.

My experiences with our then professional business advisers were such that I felt I needed an independent opinion to ensure that my partner’s estate, the winding up of our business affairs and my own legal position were not to be disadvantaged by poor advice – incompletely researched – and at extravagant fees.

Through previous business associations, I contacted David Roughan. David not only listened to my concerns, he alerted me to several matters which had not been raised with me. He did not seek my business, but was willing to guide me. When it became apparent that I was not receiving the best advice and that my essential instructions were being neglected, I had no hesitation in switching my business to David and Northlaw. Also, as a result of David’s wide-reaching legal contacts and colleagues, I was introduced to New Zealand’s leading law specialist in Family Law matters.

Thanks to David and his contacts, I was able to tap into valuable experience and advice which, I have no doubt, saved me much further grief and unnecessary cost.

I know that with David I have assurance that he is always monitoring things even if work is delegated.

W Fulcher,